Workshops & Day Retreats for your Inner Dojo

with Thomas DoWell and Deborah JOYa

at The Live it Well Place        6607 S. Kings Ranch Rd. Gold Canyon, Arizona

Workshops (Tuesdays 2-4pm) 

Movement, self-massage, scientific backing

$15 each, Live it Well card holders $12, Entire series $110 ($40 savings)

Nov 12: Introduction to the Chakras

(Yogic energy system) Learn about your energy centers which have nerve centers and endocrine glands.  We’ll enjoy yoga, movement, and self-massage to help us feel, energize, and balance these centers.

Nov 26: JOYful Feet: Yoga, movement, and self-massage for the feet

Dec 3: Sturdy Pegs: Yoga, movement, and self-massage for the legs

Jan 7: Liberate your Hips: Yoga, movement, and self-massage for the hips and low back

Jan 21: Fortify your Core: Yoga, movement, and self-massage for belly and low back

Feb 4: Spread your Wings: Yoga, movement, self-massage for the chest & upper back

Feb 18: Release your Neck: Yoga, movement, self-massage for the neck and shoulders

Mar 3: Uncover your Gentle Face: Yoga, movement, and self-massage for the face

Mar 17: Unleash your Spine: Yoga, movement, and self-massage for the spine which allows the free flow of your energy

All levels of experience and fitness welcome, accommodations possible for special needs

Illuminate your Inner Dojo

a series of 7 Chakra Day Retreats

Tuesdays 10:30am-4:30pm

Together we’ll learn about energy imbalances that may be affecting our wellbeing. As a group we'll enjoy balancing practices based on the yogic chakra energy centers and supported by modern science. Potluck lunch.

$60 ($55 if paid a week in advance) or

entire series of 7 is $375 ($50 savings)

Dec 17: Secure your Foundation

focused on the 1st (root) chakra - developed in infancy, imbalances can result in too much or too little caution. We'll learn how to build our own security.

Jan 14: Enjoy your Natural Flow

focused on the 2nd (sacral) chakra

Jan 28: Appreciate your Worth

focused on the 3rd (solar plexus) chakra

Feb 11: Surrender to your Heart

focused on the 4th (heart) chakra

Feb 25: Share your Inner Beauty

focused on the 5th (throat) chakra

Mar 10: Channel your Genius

focused on the 6th (third eye) chakra

Mar 24: BE your LIGHT! 

focused on the 7th (crown) chakra and the Golden Reward at the end of the Energy Rainbow

Dojo is Japanese for “place of the way”.  Your being is your Inner DoJo!

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all payments are nonrefundable

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Past Day retreats/workshops with Deborah JOYa - all include yoga, meditation, and other self-healing activities - you can request these at a location of your choice!


Your Heart is a Healer                          

There have been so many amazing scientific discoveries recently about the healing power of the heart. Did you know the heart has its own brain and it triggers the head’s brain into action?  Learn how your childhood and life situations may have impacted your heart’s physical and emotional health and therefore your life.  Practice ancient as well as recently developed techniques that heal the heart and activate it to be the great healer it is capable of being.  

Moving Past the Fear                             

Often we feel stuck or unsafe, even when we know our fears are unfounded.  Find out how this may have started and how it can show up in your emotions and health. Learn about how it relates to your chakras (yogic energy centers).   We’ll explore the ideas of safety and security and practice yoga, meditation, and other exercises that can help us feel safe and grounded, leading to greater wellbeing.  

Forgiveness to Freedom                           

We seek to forgive for many reasons, including our own health since resentment has been linked to many physical issues.  In the process we often create more suffering trying to forgive as well as begging for forgiveness.  Perhaps we’ve even questioned our ability to completely forgive or doubted that others have forgiven us.  And then there’s forgiving ourselves!  Does finding freedom from our resentments need to be this difficult?  Let’s explore the possibility of making it easier with shifts in perspective and simple techniques to help us create the freedom we seek.

Self-healing and Pain Relief

Learn and practice several simple techniques including yoga, breath, and self-massage that may induce immediate healing and pain relief, which can be magnified with continued practice.  We'll look at some of the science of why it works which adds motivation as well as understanding.  Much if not all of the pain and lack of flexibility that we think is in our muscles is actually in the fascia, a web that holds everything in the body.  Practice techniques to release the fascia.

Self-healing through Gratitude and Giving

Open the heart through Yoga, Meditation, and making gifts.  See research showing many healing benefits of gratitude and giving.  Learn some science about the heart-brain interaction, energy, and why the body responds to Gratitude.  Learn simple ways to bring yourself into this healing state.

Self-healing through Meditation

See research showing many healing benefits of meditation and meditative practices.  Learn some of what happens in the brain and body when you meditate, and enjoy yoga, chi gong, and multiple meditations.

Transform Stress into a Blessing

Did you know that stress is good for you?  The body, mind, and spirit grow strong because of stress.  In Yoga we train our bodies to respond to stress so that we grow.  We also release trauma from past stress we didn't respond well to.  Learn some of the science of stress and how yoga affects and trains the nervous system's response to stress. 

Mindfulness: Exploring the Inner Piece

We enjoy several mindful practices including yoga, mindful movement, mindful eating of brain enriching foods, breath practices, and guided meditation.  We also spend some time learning about why these practices are so good for the brain and our wellbeing.  As an intuitive, Deborah guides these practices in a unique way to fit the group; and as a former scientist, she loves to study and teach about what's happening in the body and energy field during these practices.


Breathe for Health

Learn about and experience several breaths that heal the body - even the bones!   Find out how cells breathe, and how our breath keeps them healthy.  As an intuitive, Deborah guides these practices in a unique way to fit the participants; and as a former scientist, she loves to study and teach about what's happening in the body during these practices.

Energy Workshops

Join us to learn about and strengthen your major energy centers through ancient wisdom and modern science.  Discover how your health, emotions, and behaviors may have been affected by the development of these centers in your childhood.  Learn and experience methods for clearing and strengthening the energy centers to improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.  Activities include yoga, chi gong, movement, visualization, and art. 

All of the Energy Centers can be presented in one workshop or it can be split into 2 or more - see below for possibilities.

Ground, Center, and Balance

We’ll focus on the root, core, and adrenals; the first 3 chakras in Yoga; and the lower dantian in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  These centers relate to the physical body and developments in early childhood.  Imbalances here affect our vitality, self-confidence, boundaries, balance, health, ability to trust and relax, and more. Yoga, chi gong, and other simple exercises will help us improve our sense of safety and comfort in our bodies as well as the ability to change and meet challenge.

Power of the Heart

We’ll study the heart and thymus gland, said to store our “life force”; the middle chakra; the middle dantian; and the center of our electromagnetic field.  This center relates to how we connect with self and others on emotional and spiritual levels. We’ll do yoga, meditation, and other simple exercises to open the heart to compassion, peace, and joy; enhance our relationship with self and others; and improve our immunity, health, and wellbeing.

Express, Create, and Connect

We’ll look at the thyroid, throat, arms, and brain; the upper 3 chakras; and the upper dantian.  We’ll learn about parts of the brain that we can use to create physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation. Yoga, meditation, and other simple exercises will help us improve our communication, creativity, intuition, perception, memory, wisdom, dream recall, overall health, experience of life, and more.