Yoga helps us to develop awareness of the connection between mind, body, and spirit, and to use this connection to heal ourselves. Deborah emphasizes breath, focus, visualization, and affirmation to facilitate a meditative, healing Yoga experience. 

Tue, March 17, 10:30 am Yoga-juvenation at the

Live it Well Place in Gold Canyon

this class will honor Mountainbrook passes,

and I will be offering refunds for class passes

since we won't be having any more there.

Stay tuned for new beginnings!


Yoga le Deborah JOYa

"I find Deborah to be an excellent instructor - offering challenges yet encouraging each of us to work at our own level...I'm learning to appreciate my body - to focus inward."    Cookie Russell

Preparing for Yoga

* Eat lighter foods at least 1 hour before class

* Drink water - before (can prevent cramping), after (flush out deposits that were released or they will just redeposit)

* Be considerate of others - Come fragrance free!

* Try to avoid entering or exiting the class during more focused times like the beginning or balancing or relaxation

* Consider bringing an eye pillow or small cloth to cover your eyes and a blanket to sit on, us under knees, and/or keep warm during relaxation.